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Ingenuity Security Solutions offers services of a private investigator to all people who have experienced an important personal or business issue. Private investigators employed in Ingenuity Security Solutions are 24/7 at a client’s disposal. These men/women are licensed professionals with a lot of experience in private investigation. They are trained to perform all necessary background checks to meet a client’s needs.


Work done by private investigation of Ingenuity Security Solutions includes numerous reporting techniques, surveillance, fraud investigation, and infidelity investigations.


The private investigation services which are offered to all clients are various and specific. They all demand a certain amount of time to be completed satisfactorily. Some of the private investigation services covered by Ingenuity Security Solutions are finding a missing person, discover a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend, Workman’s Compensation, Insurance Fraud, Theft/Embezzlement, and surveillance. There are also services which relate to infidelity, many background checks, or a divorce support. The most common among them are undercover workplace employee investigations, GPS tracking, and business fraud investigations.


The staff employed in Ingenuity Security Solutions has developed discreet and reliable methods to provide private investigation services with the wanted results to clients in the shortest period. The investigations which are performed are thorough and detailed. All private investigation actions are completed without bringing any unnecessary attention to the client.


Ingenuity Security Solutions services are affordable, and the operations are done in a highly discreet manner. The conduct of the detectives is tactical and professional, utilizing state of the art technology. The investigative methods used by Ingenuity Security Solutions are proven and effective.

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