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Ingenuity Security Guards

Our certified security guards are highly trained and supported by innovative technology to ensure the safety and security of your business operations. We invest time in an intensive selection process, which includes in depth background checks. Once hired, our security guards undergo rigorous training in first aid, CPR, fire prevention, firearms training, use of force, report writing, customer service and more.

They help maintain a safe environment and reassure both your employees and the public. When it comes to handling an incident with minimal disruption to your operations, Ingenuity Security Solutions guards can make all the difference.

Mobile Patrol

Our Mobile patrol units are an important part of our successful security system. Their presence serves as a deterrent. Our patroller’s rapid response times ensure better protections of your facilities and assets against criminal acts.

Whether you need to secure an office building, a mall, a warehouse, you can depend on our mobile patrol units. In addition to patrolling and securing sites for private clients, our mobile patrol units are equipped to support municipalities and law enforcement agencies by handling disturbance calls, escorting suspects to court monitoring parks, public areas, and public buildings, helping enforce municipal by laws and more.

Crowd Management

Let the Ingenuity Crowd Management Services Team help with your next Event. There is a lot more that goes into an effective crowd management than just dotting a venue with security personnel. It takes expert planning, coordination, and communication. Our team are trained to manage a variety of security-related tasks at all types of gatherings. Our team will ensure the success and safety of your staff and clients, so you can sit back and enjoy the show.

24Hr Emergency Services

Ingenuity Security Solutions has offered elite security services at a competitive price throughout the Maryland/Washington, DC Metro. Our event security professionals are specialists in handling all aspect of event security crowd control, parking lot security, front door access, vehicle access, property surveillance, and security planning to ensure a safe and pleasant atmosphere.


Our Promise to You – Dependable & Fast Emergency Security Services.


A fire, break-in or even a power outage can strike at any moment. A hurricane, a blizzard, a storm, tornado, or any disaster can strike causing broken glass, alarms systems down and more. When you need professional, proactive, protection. Ingenuity Security Solutions is all you will need.

Our services are customizable for any security need your company may need. Whether you need one guard on-site for a single location or several security guards across the area, we can provide them for you. We also provide protection of your possessions, facilities, and your staff members.

Executive Security

From workplace violence issues relating to layoffs, terminations, and disgruntled employees to dangerous or unstable environment for corporate travelers, Ingenuity Security Solutions has the solutions and the experience to provide reliable protection for CEOs, Board of Directors, celebrities, Politicians, and other corporate leaders.

Executive protection should never be mistaken for bodyguarding. Our belief is that the best executive /personnel protection security is based on advance preparations and planning, timely information, liaison with local authorities, and the use of highly trained professionals.

Ingenuity Security Solutions provides a comprehensive Executive Protection Service that helps you create security strategies and plans to deter and reduce threats. Ingenuity Security Solutions will develop and implement an Executive Protection Program comprised of several specific services, which can include:


• Security surveys

• Advance team deployment

• Escort Services

• Equipment coordination

• Agency liaison

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