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The Ingenuity Security Solutions team has decades of experience in protecting people, infrastructure and resources.  Our screening and selection process is rigorous and allows us to hire nothing but the best-qualified and trained security professionals.  Many of our experts are combat veterans, military, federal government, and law enforcement trained security professionals. Additionally, Ingenuity Security Solutions professionals are selected based on their character, skills and expertise. 

We set ourselves apart by having an extensive training program for both our team members and clientele. Our instructors have various certifications and are familiar with multiple disciplines of security and safety training.  We offer a flexible work schedule and will work with you until the mission is completed with satisfaction. 


Ishmael Josiah, Sr. has over ten years combined military, safety management and law enforcement experience with the U.S. Air Force and several Department of Defense agencies. 



Over 30 years of Military and Law enforcement experience. I am currently a certified instructor in RAD, RadKids, and Active shooter training instructor. I am a lead instructor in CPR, first aid, AED usage, control tactics and unarmed self-defense. Black belt holder in Taekwondo and Kenshido.

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 Serves as an administrative assistant and a lead instructor in CPR, first aid and AED usage. Enjoys teaching lifesaving techniques. Stephanie is currently pursuing a degree in Nursing.

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