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The backbone of our effective security program is a comprehensive security plan. We will help you build your security plan by providing an objective, top down security assessment. We can also provide your organization with various life-saving measures such as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) and un-armed self-defense (from ages 8 through adulthood, with age appropriate life saving techniques). Ingenuity Security Solutions will evaluate your security program comprehensively and identify specific security needs to develop a customized road map for your improved safety. Through staff interview, questionnaires and visual inspection we assess:

• Policies, Practices and Procedures
• Staff Training & Preparedness
• Violence Prevention & Intervention Programs
• Emergency Response & Crisis Management
• Evacuation Planning and Response
• Personal Self-Defense Needs


Developing a culture of security - conscious employees and people is always the first line of defense for any organization. We have an expert core of trainers with real life experience to train your employees and essential personnel in security awareness and emergency preparedness.

Our team of skilled professionals can also equip your administrators, teachers, custodians, security personnel, parents, children and students with the techniques to defend themselves.


Active Shooter Training and Resource Disclaimer

Ingenuity Security Solutions LLC has provided this safety training material as a general guide in response to improving awareness and preparation for managing an active shooter event. These materials are only designed to provide general information, and for that reason, participants should not consider these materials as the only source information sufficient in itself to dictate any outcome or decision. In the event of an active shooter, individuals must use their own discretion as to run to safety, fight for their lives, or hide in place. Our goal is to present you with options and, by doing so, prevent casualties.


Active Shooter Preparedness Workshop Certificate



Ingenuity Security Solutions will assist your organization in building a healthy and sustainable security program. We believe in an active collaboration with our clients. We can help organize and facilitate a functional security plan for any team using all current industry best practices we can help develop:

• Lockdown, Tabletop, and Emergency Preparedness Exercises/ Drills
• Emergency Plan Development
• Security Procedure Development
• Organization Security Consulting / Assistance


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