Ishmael has his Bachelor of Science in International Business from High Point University in 2006 and his Associate in Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice from the Community College of the Air Force in 2015.  He is currently pursuing a Master’s in Security Management at the American Military University.  

Mr. Josiah graduated from the Security Forces Academy and the Federal Law Enforcement Center.  As a Security Forces NCO currently serving with the 113th Air National Guard, Ishmael has deployed several times in support of our Nation’s War on Terror: Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Freedom’s Sentinel (OFS), and Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR).  His duties varied, but centered on securing priority level I, II, and III resources with 100% accountability.  He performed as a Quick Reaction Force leader, Fire Team leader and Security Forces Trainer.

As a Federal Law Enforcement Officer with the Department of Defense component, Ishmael has trained with numerous agencies on active shooter response training and tactics. He is a certified Hostage Negotiator, completing training with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2017.  He works closely with the Department of Defense component’s Special Response Team (SRT). 

Given today’s rise in violence at our workplaces, churches, schools and public venues across the nation, Ishmael and the Ingenuity Security Solutions team understands that the drastic need for incident response planning and safety planning is paramount for every organization. For this reason, it is the purpose of Ishmael and the Ingenuity Security Solutions team to assess and train many organizations as possible in simple life saving techniques, Incident Response, Active Threat, and Active Shooter preparations. Ishmael has seen the value in teaching organizations how to best mitigate losses, preserve lives, and limit targets of opportunity in crisis.